The anonymous and confidential nature of Ears for Peers necessitates that information about our members be kept private. However, we have two members, called “Faces,” whose role is to be the public face of Ears, and therefore they do not take calls on the line. You may have seen them tabling at Dewick or Carm, or representing Ears at on-campus events.  If you have questions about Ears for Peers, please don’t hesitate to approach them.

2020-2021 FACES

Sohenee Banerjee


Sohenee is a Junior majoring in Biology. She loves spending time with kids and hopes to be a Pediatrician one day. In addition to her passion for raising mental health awareness through Ears for Peers, Sohenee loves using education as a platform to help others. She loves inspiring young elementary girls to pursue their passions in STEM fields and co-founded a tutoring program this past summer through which 100% of the tuition fees raised were donated to COVID-19 charities. Outside of school, Sohenee can be found relaxing with a cup of tea, watching Bollywood movies with her friends, and singing covers to her favorite songs. Above all, Sohenee loves...people! Feel free to reach out to her at sohenee.banerjee@tufts.edu if you ever want to connect!

Casey Chiang

Casey is a Senior double majoring in Cognitive and Brain Sciences and Methods of Storytelling (a self-made major in conjunction with the Interdisciplinary Studies department). She loves to read, travel, and journal, and above all talking to people and learning their stories. Outside of Ears, she is also VP of the Tufts Club Tennis team, teaching a class at the ExCollege, and works part-time as a restaurant host. Feel free to contact her with any questions or if you just want to talk! You can reach her at Casey.Chiang@tufts.edu