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What our faces do:

The anonymous and confidential nature of Ears for Peers necessitates that information about our members be kept private. However, we have two members, called “Faces,” whose role is to be the public face of Ears, and therefore they do not take calls on the line. You may have seen them tabling at Dewick or Carm, or representing Ears at on-campus events.  If you have questions about Ears for Peers, please don’t hesitate to approach them.

2022 - 2023 Faces

Maitreyi Kale


Maitreyi Kale (she/they) is a graduate student at Tufts, studying Human Factors Engineering. With a background in cognitive science and child development, she hopes to be involved in the fields of mental health, accessibility, and assistive technology in the future. She likes to spend her free time reading, lifting, and going for long walks in unfamiliar directions. Mai absolutely loves Ears and welcomes any questions and comments about the organization at!

Libby Moser

Libby Moser (she/her) is a senior majoring in Clinical Psychology and Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies. She is a costume design student and a member of ears for peers since her sophomore year. She works for the OCL as a campus center manager and works for the Home for Little Wanderers. She enjoys thrift shopping, listen to or performing music, and talking about her cat! Please reach out if you want to chat about anything related to these things or Ears, she can be contacted at

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