Division of Student Diversity and Inclusion 

Women’s Center:
Interim Director: Hope Freeman (hope.freeman@tufts.edu)
Address: 55 Talbot Ave Medford, MA 02155
Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Phone: (617) 627-3184
Email: womenscenter@tufts.edu
Website: http://ase.tufts.edu/womenscenter/

LGBT Center:
Director: Hope Freeman (hope.freeman@tufts.edu)
Address: 226 College Ave (Bolles House, 2nd floor) Medford, MA 02155
Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Phone: (617) 627-3770
Email: lgbt@tufts.edu
Website: http://ase.tufts.edu/lgbt/default.asp

Africana Center:
Director: Katrina Moore (katrina.moore@tufts.edu)
Address: 8 Professor’s Row Medford, MA 02155
Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm
Phone: (617) 627-3372
Email: africana@tufts.edu
Website: http://ase.tufts.edu/africana/default.asp

Latino Center:

Director: Marvin Casasola (marvin.casasola@tufts.edu)

Address: 226 College Ave (Bolles House, 1st floor) Medford, MA 02155
Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Phone: (617) 627-3363
Email: latinocenter@tufts.edu
Website: http://ase.tufts.edu/latinocenter/default.asp

Asian American Center:

Director: Aaron James Parayno (aaron.parayno@tufts.edu)
Address: 17 Latin Way (Start House) Medford, MA 02155
Hours: Mon-Thurs 12-9pm, Fri 11am-5pm
Phone: (617) 627-3056
Email: asianamcenter@tufts.edu
Website: http://ase.tufts.edu/asianamerican/

FIRST Resource Center
Director: Margaret Cardamone (Margaret.cardamone@tufts.edu)
Address: 20 Professors Row
Hours: center is available 24/7, request access via their website
Phone:  617-627-2100
Email: FIRST@tufts.edu
Website: https://students.tufts.edu/academic-advice-and-support/student-success-and-advising/first-resource-center