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37 Reasons to Call E4P- September 2017

Thinking about calling us, but not sure if your reason is “good enough” to call? Take a look at this list of reasons* for possiblycalling us, and then definitely give us a call because you can call us for literally any problem at all, not just these. *These are not based on actual calls we have received. I made these up. We would never use someone’s confidentialconversation as an example for anyone to see.

  1. You’re thinking about dropping a class but aren’t sure about it.

  2. You’re considering breaking up with your partner.

  3. Your partner just broke up with you.

  4. You’re walking home alone at night and need to talk to someone to feel safer.

  5. You want to see a therapist, but you don’t know how CMHS or outside therapy works.

  6. Ursula has just given you the choice between having human legs or having a voice and you don’t know which to choose.

  7. You found out that your best friend’s partner cheated on them.

  8. You’re having an anxiety attack.

  9. Your study strategies aren’t working, you’re frustrated, and you don’t know who to turn to.

  10. You’re questioning your gender but don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone else.

  11. You’re questioning your sexuality but don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone else.

  12. Scar just killed your father and then hyenas try to eat you.

  13. Work is stressing you out.

  14. You’re contemplating suicide.

  15. You are the only POC in your class and you feel isolated.

  16. Your friend is extremely drunk and you aren’t sure if you should TEMS.

  17. You’re working on a group project where no one else is putting in effort and you want to scream.

  18. Your sister Elsa has shut you out, your parents died, and all you wanted was to build a fucking snowman.

  19. You have a crush on someone but it’s a secret.

  20. You think someone has a crush on you and are confused about how you feel.

  21. You’re struggling financially.

  22. You were sexually assaulted.

  23. You have hurt someone and feel awful about it.

  24. Li Shang wants you to be as swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, but he doesn’t know you’re a girl.

  25. Mulan made you realize the power of women and equality and you want to switch your major to WGSS.

  26. Midterms are stressing you out.

  27. Finals are stressing you out.

  28. LIFE is stressing you out.

  29. You’re an international student and your culture is very different from the US’s.

  30. The Beast is kind of seducing you, a candle and a clock keep talking to you, but you were just trying to save your dad.

  31. Your mental health is not at its best.

  32. The symptoms of your eating disorder are flaring up again.

  33. Politics are frustrating.

  34. You are being bullied or harassed.

  35. You’re grieving over a loss.

  36. You’re angry at me because I didn’t reference your favorite Disney movie.

  37. You have any problem in the world.

Do you get my drift? You can talk to us about anything. We’d love to hear from you. We of course don’t love that you’re struggling, but we’d still love to help any way we can. Take a look at how to reach out here. If you don’t want to come to us about something, check out our resources page here for other places to go to.

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