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Why Our Ears Love Ears - And Why You Should Be One Too

Hey Jumbos!

First of all, congratulations on finishing up your first two weeks of school! This may be your first fall at Tufts, or maybe you’re a few years in, but regardless of your case, the first couple of weeks can be tiring. Maybe your calves hurt from walking up all these hills, or your eyes hurt from reading the literal novel your professor assigned over the weekend.

I’m making this post because applications for Ears are coming out soon, and I want you to know why our club is so special and why you may be a great fit. If you don’t already know, Ears for Peers is a student-run hotline that runs every night from 7pm-7am. There are two shifts, the night shift (7pm-11pm) and the overnight shift (11pm-7am), so don't worry - you're not on call for 12 hours straight! Being an ear means listening to your peers about any issues they need to talk about. Sometimes a class can be overwhelming. Maybe you’re having problems with friends. Maybe you need to talk about a romantic relationship. Maybe you’re feeling really down, and you just don’t know what to do or how to handle it. No matter what the situation is, we are here for you, and we really enjoy doing it. But don’t just take it from me - here are some things Ears have said about why they love Ears 4 Peers:

“I love Ears because I know how important it is to have someone to talk to - whether that’s rambling or helping me brainstorm solutions. I’ve talked to a lot of amazing people, and I feel grateful and rewarded after every call or text.”

“[It’s] a secret friend group of incredibly empathetic people.”

“Ears for Peers is such a wonderful group to be in and I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of this supportive & kind community!”

“Ears is my favorite thing at Tufts. Everyone who joins is so empathetic and willing to listen, not only are they great Ears, but they’re incredible friends. In no other club do you sit with someone else for hours at a time and just talk. Taking calls is also so rewarding; I love the rush of adrenaline and excitement when the phone rings.”

“It is the most meaningful experience! All the ears are wonderful and are some of the best people you can meet. It's helped me be able to support my friends better and also feel like I'm contributing to creating a more supportive environment for students on campus! Couldn't recommend being an ear more!”

“I’m constantly looking forward to my shifts. Being able to meet new people without actually seeing them or knowing their names is such a unique experience, and I love all of the conversations I have. Each caller/texter is completely unique and I always feel rewarded after each one.”

“Being able to lend an ear to my fellow Jumbos is so rewarding. I feel like the club has helped me become a more empathetic person in my daily life.”

"I tend to find myself walking around campus and idealizing other people and how well they have it all put together. Ears brings me back - both the community of Ears and the callers/texters - reminding me that struggling is real and here and present in many different ways for different people. I get perspectives of experiences people have at Tufts from callers and texters that remind me of how human our community is when sometimes it can seem a little too perfect from the outside."

Do you like being a resource for your friends or peers when they need someone to talk to? Would you feel rewarded helping people out without being able to tell people you’re an Ear? Submit an application. We would love to have you on board <3

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